Why Harrigan Development

Harrigan Development Services helped me find a great employee who is still with the company 7 months later. It was comforting knowing that I had a pre-screened candidate when making a hiring decision. Andy provided one-on-one support for several months to both me and my employee to make sure we were satisfied. His program also allowed me to decrease the risk businesses face with hiring new employees by the use of a subsidized internship. The internship HDS set up allowed this young man to prove himself at no cost to me. He is now able to use his experience to pursue an apprenticeship program to further his experience and credentials in the field.
— Jim/Tony, Co-Owners Pyramid Electric LLC

Advantages of HDS

The advantage HDS and its clients have is the ability to offer two programs through the state of Wisconsin that have proven to make a positive impact for both businesses and job seekers.  On-site Job Coaching may also be provided as needed.

1) On-the-Job Training Initiative

The Department of Workforce Development can reimburse a company who hires an individual referred HDS for 50% of their wages and fringe expenses for up to 3 months (90 days).

2) Internship/Work Experience

The Department of Workforce Development can reimburse a company for 100% of the wages paid to an individual referred by HDS for 6 to 12 weeks.  The company is not required to hire the individual at the end of the period but may do so their discretion.

Both programs offer the following:

  • Prescreened by HDS
  • On site job training by HDS
  • No pay, trial employment
  • Jobs being filled when money is not available.

Why consider HDS?


Long-term employment from HDS equates to lower costs for your company and less work for you.  Our experience and specialized education greatly improves the odds of success.  We have a systematic method for providing you with quality job candidates.  We add value to your company by working with us and help by offering:

  • A reliable selection process
  • A professional approach for finding proper fit
  • Individualized attention and continued support
  • Customized goal setting
  • Training and employment preparation
  • A continued commitment to your company
  • Regular contact and ongoing support