What We Bring to the Table

For some, social situations can be like taking a road trip without a map and our group hopes to help them create a roadmap to help navigate within the group and out in the community
— Andy

Mentoring/Life Skills Training

Harrigan Development Services has a team of peer mentors who work 1:1 with their clients both in-home and in the community. Every client has a unique set of hopes, dreams, and goals they want to accomplish, but the main focus is on increasing independence, improving daily living skills, and engaging in positive resources in-home and in the community. These goals are established initially through a person-centered treatment plan and reviewed regularly with the client and family.

Examples of activities and daily living skills include:


  • Organization and upkeep
  • Establishing routine
  • Money management
  • Relationships with family
  • Food preparation
  • Personal Hygiene


  • Vocational exploration
  • Volunteering
  • Exploring positive activities and environments


  • Identifying supports within academic setting
  • Tutoring
  • Organization
  • Advocacy