What We Bring to the Table

Harrigan Development Services is a great fit for me. It’s hard to find good candidates and it’s hard to find the time to ensure the candidate is really right for the job. On top of that, Andy provided coaching to ensure a smooth transition into the job and he’s still available for that coaching today. HDS has made hiring a lot easier!
— Small Business Owner

Soft Skills Training

“Soft” skills are the applied skills that are necessary in, not only obtaining a job but, just as importantly, keeping a job.  Research indicates that while individuals may often have the degrees or certificates necessary for qualifying for specific employment, they lack the social skills and “people skills” that are critical for continued success in the workplace environment.  

These “soft” skills include the following:

  • effective communication
  • display of enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  • teamwork
  • networking skills
  • problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • professionalism

Harrigan Development Services is dedicated to developing “soft skills” with their clients so as to ensure the client’s long term success in the workforce.  Having been selected by the Wisconsin Promise Project to be a provider of soft skill instruction, staff from HDS  have received formal Soft Skills Youth training.   Training has included facilitation skills and a focus on utilizing the Department of Labor’s “Skills to Pay the Bills” curriculum.

In addition to providing training to participants enrolled in the Wisconsin Promise Project, HDS is dedicated to implementing Soft Skill training to other clients interested in the development of competencies necessary for success in the workplace.