What We Bring to the Table

HDS not only found the perfect match for me and my business, but they have also been their for all of the follow up support we needed. Its nice to see that we have people like this in the community.
— Paul, Small Business Owner  

Employer Services

Employment Services


HDS has access to thousands of diverse candidates who are pre-screened by one of our employment specialists and ready to work. Businesses who seek out HDS are looking for motivated and qualified interns or permanent employees.


State of Wisconsin Wage Reimbursement Programs

Hiring through HDS can significantly cut and sometimes eliminate the cost of hiring and training new employees. Most of our candidates qualify for state programs that allow us to pay initial wages and training costs. We will help educate employers about Wisconsin’s wage reimbursement programs for both internships and permanent employment situations.


We provide individual or group mentoring for new employees.  We have a team of mentors who help employees who need on-site or off-site guidance or training when internal resources or mentors are not available.

Job Development

We have a team of job developers who work one-on-one with individuals to explore, obtain, and retain jobs. Our developers assist with resumes, cover letters, job search skills, interview skills and ultimately help make contact with suitable employers who are interested in providing job shadows, hiring interns, or hiring permanent employees.

Job Coaching and Mentoring

We have a team of job coaches and mentors who will work on-site to help train and assist new employees. Our job coaches help build natural supports and work towards employee independence.

Computer Training

We provide one-on-one computer training for individuals who need to learn the basics of using a computer. Training includes topics such us using Microsoft Office, organizing files, navigating the internet and emailing. Our trainer also works with clients who need help with tutoring and creating a curriculum for a particular computer program.


Employment Readiness Assessments

We do an in-depth and interactive assessment that helps determine if an individual is ready for a particular employment opportunity. We also help identify resources and make recommendations to help that individual plan to enter the workforce.